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Former Distinguished Engineer, Platforms/Windows Base Team, Microsoft


Lou Perazzoli was with Microsoft Corporation from 1988 to 2000, hired on as one of the initial architects for Windows NT which evolved into Windows XP. Mr Perazzoli managed the core O/S team for the first five releases of Windows NT. During Windows 2000, he was the General Manager of the Core OS group consisting of 400+ engineers, program managers, testers and the performance group.


He was promoted to Distinguished Engineer in 2000 and moved to new responsibilities consulting on architectures for embedded systems and web clusters.


Prior to Microsoft, Lou was with Digital Equipment Corporation from 1975-1988, and at NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, engineering design support on satellite telemetry and data analysis.


Mr Perazzoli has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science (double major) Virginia Tech, 1973.
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