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Xcerion’s Hybrid Cloud Computing (XIOS/3) is a game changing platform for agile SaaS providers.  
It delivers rich applications, worldwide, to any device, and with unmatched low-cost of ownership. 

By moving application execution from servers to the client total cost of ownership can be significantly reduced with lower server loads, bandwidth costs, and fewer latency issues. 

Using the XML Virtual Machine (XVM), all connected client CPUs are leveraged resulting in fewer server round-trips and a highly responsive user experience. The XVM also supports far richer applications than existing SaaS solutions as well as unique online/offline capabilities.


Hybrid Cloud Computing can easily and seamlessly be integrated in your existing infrastructure. You can see a reference case of the technology in action at www.cloudme.com.


Hybrid Cloud SaaS Remote Desktop Client / Server Mainframe

2010 2000 1995 1980 1970
Millions of users - - -
Central deployment -
Multi client access - - -
Applications scale automatically - - - -
Operational Cost
Required amount of servers LOW HIGH HIGH LOW HIGH
Network bandwidth usage LOW MEDIUM HIGH LOW LOW
User Experience
Rich UI Applications - -
Drag and Drop - -
Fast user response time - -
Applications that work together - -
Application Development
Rapid application development - - - -
Visual IDE - -
XML Web Service Orchestration - - - -
Built in database / repository - -
Multiple application support - -
Native collaboration - - - -
Single sign-on / keyring - - - -
Scalable grid platform - - -
Comprehensive component library - - -





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