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Xcerion provides an experimental Internet OS (WebTop) as an Internet service, CloudTop.com. It includes a virtual cloud desktop and OS for free, directly on the Internet, within a browser. The service is powered by Xcerion's XIOS/3 technology, including its XML Virtual Machine and Client Application Server.





Xcerion Internet Operating System/3 (XIOS/3)
the clean, carefree, zero-footprint application server, running within the browser. Since the applications executes in the browser it also works offline. The application server and applications running on top of it runs in the primary memory of the computer. As soon as the browser is shut down, the application server disappears from the computer. Using XIOS/3 you never has to think about installing patches, updates or new versions of software again. The applications updates itself.

For developers XIOS/3 makes development ultra rapid through describing applications at a higher abstraction level in pure XML. Development in XML may also be done visually through orchestration. The XIOS/3 applications is completely written in HTML5 and does not require any plugins.

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