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Hybrid Cloud Computing (HCC) offers the market’s most agile platform for creating, updating, and maintaining rich SaaS solutions. With the HCC Integrated Development Environment (IDE), new business demands can be fulfilled with new SaaS solutions that are developed faster and with less engineers. 

Not only does HCC applications rival traditional desktop applications in terms of richness and responsiveness, the development tools to create them do too. Developers can create new SaaS solutions swiftly by simply drag-and-drop visual components. Data binding and data storage, two time consuming aspects of traditional SaaS development, are built in features in HCC and require a minimum of effort from HCC developers. Massive Component Libraries meet the demands of virtually any use case scenario and are easily extendable should the need arise.


In addition to agile development tools for HCC applications, external APIs allow developers to extend the reach of their applications to virtually any device.

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