Xcerion - Holding company for great inventions and services

Where innovation meets business - producing an evolving portfolio of Internet related businesses and patents

Founded in 2001, Xcerion has always worked in the forefront of innovation and achievements in the realms of Internet. The company holds key assets in technology, patents and domain names for Cloud Computing.

CloudMe - Online Storage

CloudMe is an European service for storing, accessing and sharing information across devices and friends. It is like your own file system on the Internet.
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CloudTop - Cloud Desktop

CloudTop is the world leading virtual Cloud Desktop (WebTop) innovated by Xcerion. It is an always available online computer entirely built in HTML5, using XIOS/3.
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XIOS/3 - Edge Web Development

Edge Web is Edge Cloud Computing for web development. XIOS/3 Client Application Server is a platform for building, delivering, and updating edge SaaS solutions.
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CloudBackend - Edge Cloud Computing Infrastructure & Edge Platform as a Service (EPaaS)

"CloudBackend shall become the broker of edge capacity, providing an alternative cloud that is distributed throughout the world - from cloud to hardware."

If all vehicles, home appliances, WiFi gateways, NAS, smart phones, desktop computers, mobile cell towers, operator central offices and more, can become nodes in a global edge cloud and its capacity readily made available to SaaS, IoT, app developers, and automotive companies – a new, low latency, massively distributed, no single point of failure cloud can be created.

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