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This is another exciting moment for us; finally we have our first Firefox Alpha version ready in icloud. Today on Friday the 13th we bring some hope to everybody that is running Firefox :-)

As it is an Alpha version, it is definitively not perfect, but most of the core functionality of icloud is now running on Firefox; the XML Virtual Machine, most of the user-interface components and a basic set of applications – the look and feel is as in the IE version. We are now working on the speed issues, adding, certifying and testing more and more applications to be included in the Firefox release. Please be patient with us, since we have quite a lot of applications the task of adding all of them will probably take a couple of months, but our skilled Firefox team is working very hard and believe me when I say that they are determined.

Some facts about this Firefox release:


  • Early Alpha release, not stable for everyday work


  • icloud Firefox is not representative for icloud as a service, if you are looking into experience icloud as its designed and envisioned, then please use IE until Firefox is fully ready


  • 16 applications are certified and running on Firefox today out of icloud’s total of about 40 applications


  • The Console and the Application Designer (the IDE) have not been ported yet. We are working on a new improved Console that will be Firefox enabled from the start. Meanwhile Notepad can be used for application development or use the Internet Explorer version


  • icloud needs to download a Java applet to add the XML functionality that Firefox does not yet support, most notable the support for sending parameters and objects into XSLT (as specified in the XSLT specification), when will Mozilla add this? Please enable Java in order to be able to run icloud.


  • If you have installed Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 on Linux, then please disable JIT, go to about:config, search for JIT and set the flag to false, otherwise icloud will not run


  • Firefox 3.07 also works, but some icloud features are disabled


  • If icloud hangs in the boot screen, then please try hitting refresh a couple of times, often icloud starts loading then (we are working on this)


  • Yes it’s a bit slow... We have focused our efforts in getting the XML virtual machine and Core OS up and running, next step will be to optimize code and improve performance


  • When everything is finished, the same application developed in icloud’s XML languages will work directly both in Firefox and Internet Explorer without the developer having to think about any cross-browser issues


  • icloud Firefox and icloud IE is using the same code base and both versions will continue to be up-to-date with every upcoming release

How to start testing?

So how do I start testing the Firefox version? Please use Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 (it is the Firefox version that works best with icloud, for Firefox Beta 3, see above) and use the following link (logon using your ordinary icloud account):

Ok, you've been Warned this is an early Alpha…..enjoy!



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