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This week we have added improvements to icloud in terms of functionality, speed, quality and usability. As you might have noticed we have been a bit quiet for a couple of months, we have been busy working on this big release.

So what are the new "bells and whistles"?

  • Movie – A cool movie player and library application that is integrating with both YouTube and MetaCafé. This means that you can organize and share your YouTube and MetaCafé favorite movie clips, while using a sleek and smart user interface. Great app try it out and give us your feedback.


  • Last Users Online – Now you can see other “iclouders” online and easily invite them to become your friend


  • Event Widget – Keeps track of everything that is going on. Here you can see all files shared to you, pending friend requests and invitations to join groups, simply put: all messages going on in icloud


  • Delight Widget – A smaller Document Explorer in the disguise of a widget.  Now you can have your favorite folders open with customized list views readily available as soon as you log in. Perhaps you want to see your mail inbox, calendar, contacts, RSS news feeds or contacts at the same time nicely organized in your customized widget right on your desktop


  • WebDAV – Yes, now you can access your icloud Cloud Drive directly from within your Windows, Mac or Linux applications, use easy drag and drop to upload your complete photo or music library and access it from everywhere. The WebDAV functionality is also a fantastic way to use icloud as a virtual USB memory stick and backup service.


  • Localization – icloud and all of its applications are now capable of handling multiple languages; each language is stored in XML documents and can easily be translated. First out is of course our native language, Swedish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbs64GvGgPU, but many more languages will follow in the upcoming months. If you are interested in helping us translate icloud to your language, then please drop us an email. You change the language using Control Panel – Locale, please reboot icloud to activate the new language.


  • Spell-checking – We have added spell checking natively for multiple languages. The first application out to make use of it is our word processor; Write. We will add this feature to as many apps as it makes sense.


  • Word Conversion – We have also trimmed our import feature of Microsoft Word documents and also thrown in an export to Microsoft Word feature for Write


  • Bookmark Thumbnails – Now you can see your bookmarks for your favorite websites also as miniature thumbnails within the icloud Browser and also directly in the file system using Document Explorer. A very handy function that gives you a much better instant overlook than using regular bookmarks.


  • Asynchronous – Many areas of icloud has become much more asynchronous with a resulting improvement in speed and user experience. Multiple applications may be started simultaneously and will open as soon as the server can deliver the application code to your computer

What about Firefox? :-)

Some (actually a lot of)  people are wondering when Firefox will arrive? With this release we have at least translated 12 of our icloud applications to run on Firefox and also the whole core of the icloud Cloud OS is now capable of running in Firefox. Tests on Firefox are in full motion and we have started Firefox live for a select few of our beta testers. Using icloud Firefox in combination with our WebDAV functionality makes up for a very good storage and data transportation service across different computers. See the sneak preview below:

However, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done before the Firefox version runs as crisp as the current Internet Explorer version. Like we have stated before: rest assure that we are very dedicated to optimize and improve the Firefox version of icloud. Firefox is VERY important for our vision of: develop once, run everywhere on any operating system or device.  

icloud Email

Have you found your icloud email account yet? Every icloud user has their own icloud email with , which directly sends the mail into icloud Mail. This default email account can for example be used if you use the "Email to a friend…" feature that is accessible from some of our applications. If you prefer to use your own IMAP email account to send emails (like Gmail), just add your account in icloud Mail and select this email account as the default account instead.

WebDAV - How to use

How do I start to make use of this cool WebDAV feature? If you are using Windows, go to “My network places”. In the start menu, choose “Add a network place”, click next, select “Choose another network location”, then enter http://webdav.icloud.com:80/your_username.  Where “your_username” is you enter the username you use to logon to icloud. When prompted to enter your username, enter your username again and the password you use to logon to icloud. Your Cloud Drive will now be ready to use through Windows Explorer.

iLauncher - Run any webpage inside an icloud window

Another hidden gem inside icloud is the iLauncher functionality, it lets you run any webpage or service within a window in icloud and get an icon on the desktop for it. Also, don’t forget about the Sharing functionality in icloud, allowing you to share any folder or documents with your friends.

Developer News

Many improvements have also been done in our XML programming languages that are used to build icloud applications. Please find the full developer documentation in the desktop support menu. Also remember that you can use the System Manager to view the source code of any application found within icloud. As a user of icloud you are allowed to modify any application we have developed or mash it up with other applications or your own custom functionality. You may also republish them through your own website if you wish. Remember, icloud support accessing any http resource out on the Internet and also have XML Web Services with SOAP support.

New logotype

This release is also the premiere of our new icloud logo (what do you think about it?)

Stay tuned for more features and improvements of icloud in the upcoming releases. We have many exciting and even some unexpected things in the pipeline for icloud.

Daniel Arthursson, CEO
Xcerion / icloud.com

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1. Mar 12, 2009 at 10:33 AM
That's all well and good but when is the Mac client due to arrive? 
The new logo looks like a guy with a round nose sleeping on a pillow.
Written by Tod (Guest)

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