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icloud have this week switched to a new Content Delivery Network (CDN) partner, called Akamai ( This is a speedy step forward when it comes to efficiently serving icloud world-wide. Through Akamai, icloud is distributed over 25 000 high efficiency servers all over the world.

The time it now takes for you to access an image, application or program from icloud is much, much lower. You will be able to access it from one of Akamai’s servers in your country with reduced ping time compared to accessing it through one of icloud’s data centers in Sweden. Before we this week switched to Akamai, we used another CDN partner, but it has shown through tests that we have conducted throughout the world that Akamai generally is 3-5 times faster than all other CDN providers in the world, regardless of where in the world the tests are done.


Next we found out that we actually did not utilize the power of the CDN in over 100 places in icloud, this has been corrected and will go live within short together with the next release of icloud. This will continue to speed up icloud additionally and there probably are more places where we can utilize CDN power. In essence, you can expect icloud to become faster and faster :)

More Data Centers

The data centers that we have in Sweden are now mainly used to loading your own, personal content and to save content. It is also used for messaging, mail and collaboration etc. While working on improving the icloud service with its applications, we have also recently done a lot of development when it comes to making icloud ready for becoming globally distributed in multiple data centers, both in our data centers and in all server code of icloud. The plan is to open up additionally two more data centers this year in Asia and South America, which will then also increase performance when doing heavy file input / output.

We respect Your copyright

One important thing to note for all our iclouders are that you own all data uploaded to icloud, we do not have any rights to the material stored in your Cloud Drive, it is like having your very own personal cloud computing hard drive. All contents of the Cloud Drive is yours and only yours with you owning the full copyright.

And, speaking of data, have you started to use the WebDAV feature in icloud yet? Its the perfect way of uploading and downloading content to your Cloud Drive. See previous blog post for information about how to use it :-)



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