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Today’s release is a major release of our Cloud OS. The whole team at Xcerion are today quite proud to present our new ”Liquid” skin for icloud. Liquid is a new skin that was designed to set icloud apart from other Operating Systems and to create a more unique icloud look and feel.


icloud Login


icloud Liquid Skin

Initially Liquid will be available in the current transparent graphite look, later multiple themes and colors will become available, enabling personalized customization. If you think that you will miss our previous blue ”Aqua” skin, no worries, we will soon add the ability to easy switch between Aqua and Liquid through the use of the control panel. We also have created a new liquid splash loader for applications.


icloud Splash Screen

As you will notice with the new Liquid skin, icloud is in the transition to become cleaner and easier to use.

Application News

As can be seen in the splash screen above, we have created an application integrating the vast amount of widgets available on the Widgetbox Internet service. This widget browser and the ability to run Widgetbox widgets directly as applications on the icloud desktop is a very interesting and a useful new capability.

The Dayplan application has now been split into three separate applications; Mail (with IMAP support, like Outlook Express), Calendar and Contacts.


icloud Mail


icloud Calendar

The speed, performance and functionality of all three applications have also been improved and you can use the applications directly through the file system and the Document Explorer application.


icloud Document Explorer

There are customized listviews available for email, contacts and appointments. This is a quite unique and smart feature only available on icloud and really improves the speed of working with productivity applications. We see this as one of the innovative features that our technology makes available.

icloud Document Explorer with customized Appointments listview

icloud Instant Messenger have been given a completely new skin and improved functionality with support for avatars and user supplied images. We also added color-coded ”speech balloons” for chatting similar to text messaging on the iPhone.


icloud Instant Messenger

The Media Cloud application has also been given a work over and has been dressed in the liquid skin. We simplified the application, added more support for “drag and drop” and improved its speed. Media Cloud is now known as Photos.


icloud Photos

There are also many games available in the liquid release, see one example below:

Astroys, Neave game inside icloud

In the icloud Pipeline

Many more applications are under development and will soon be released. We have a full RSS News reader application under development, a Todo application with the ability to share todo lists with friends, an iPlay application for playing and organizing your music library for nonstop access online with album art and playlists.


icloud News

Our icloud Instant Messenger (IM) application will very soon get its much needed  MSN / Windows Live Messenger messaging support and will enable all of our icloud users to both communicate with other icloud users and their friends using MSN or Windows Live Messenger.

Introducing a break through milestone, Share Window

One of the really exciting features in icloud is Share Window, available in alpha from this release. This technology has formerly been known as GBC, Gesture Based Collaboration.

Share Window is one part of the Xcerion technology that will enable icloud users to use the whole world as a giant Virtual Desktop, all your friends and computer screens will basically become part of your desktop. This might sound a little bit like Internet Science fiction and it almost is.

With Share Window we are changing the way you can use, share and communicate with your computer online. The technology can best be described as a kind of desktop virtualization technology. When you get used to Share Window, you will start talking about ”screen estate” instead of your computer, because your virtualized applications running in the cloud can appear and move between any computers you or your friends have.

This initial preview release of Share Window will only showcase some bits and pieces of this incredible functionality. It will probably take 2-3 more months until the technology is completely ready, but already today it works!

Bottom line

icloud Liquid is a major update of the icloud Cloud OS. It introduces several new applications and capabilities into the OS. More importantly it prepares icloud for desktop application virtualization and Share Window.

Share Window is probably one of the most powerful technologies developed for the Internet, enabling ANY computer and ultimately ANY device to be viewed as just a screen. Your applications are truly in the cloud.

In the coming months icloud will become more and more social with a great focus on sharing and doing things with your friends.

Please provide us with feedback so we together can continue to make icloud better and better. Also thank you all for your support.

PS! Our Firefox version of icloud is getting more and more ready……Stay tuned!

Comments (2)
1. Dec 01, 2008 at 03:39 PM
Looks nice, but why do I want to use this? Anyway I can't because of the lack of Firefox support.
Written by Tony (Guest)
2. Dec 01, 2008 at 03:40 PM
Oh, I'm waiting for the day iCloud will be compatible with Firefox!
Written by Hampus (Guest)

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