Founded in 2001 by Daniel Arthursson, Xcerion AB is an innovation and holding company. Xcerions portfolio companies include CloudBackend, CloudMe, CloudTop and XIOS/3. The company is at the forefront of research in the field of Edge Cloud Computing, resulting in the XIOS/3 Edge Application Platform for edge enabled web apps, and the CloudBackend Singularity Database for distributed and decentralized data. Xcerion is the company behind famous services and brands like iCloud and MyCloud, which are previous exits.

Xcerion AB is based in Linkoping, Sweden.


Xcerion was founded in 2001 with the goal to build a software that provided a unified user interface over multiple ERP and legacy systems, a front-end for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Since then it has transitioned into becoming an innovation and research lab for advanced cloud computing and a holding company for portfolio companies that commercializes its research. Famous ideas coming out of Xcerion is iCloud, MyCloud and CloudMe.


We strongly believe in social computing, enabling user participation and that the Internet eventually will become the operating system. All information will sooner or later be stored online - enabling access from any device or service - allowing applications and information to flow without boundraries.

Long term commitment

The company does not focus on the next 3 years, we are in it for the long run. Building great transformative technologies requires time, funding and some luck. Too many startups suffer from short sighted investors, while we through our multiple exits and long term investors, are able to work with more complex technologies that truly represents deep-tech. Companies that have the potential to become unicorns while changing the world.


Although the ideas and technology from the company already has touched the lives of millions of people, we are confident that our current portfolio companies will continue to disrupt and have a high impact on people. CloudBackend reinvents what a cloud SaaS database and backend is, making it ubiquitous, decentralized, safe, and enables companies to accelerate and improve the end-user experience while strengthening privacy. XIOS/3 promises to deliver the next generation of Internet experience after the web browser, allowing the Internet of applications to be realized (Web 5.0). With zero installation and compatibility with existing web browsers, any webserver or Content Management System may serve XIOS/3 applications just as easily as serving HTML today. All while executing the applications at the edge, inside the web browser, while conserving energy by dramatically reducing the number of network requests.


A history of computing innovation, true commitment, and amazing people:

  • 2022CloudBackend receives 34 million SEK in funding for its Singularity Database.
  • 2022XIOS/3 receives 5 million SEK in funding from angel investors.
  • 2021Herb Cunitz former President, Shaun Connoly former Chief Strategy Officer, and Mitch Ferguson former VP Business Development at Hortonworks (Cloudera) joins CloudBackend as advisors.
  • 2021CloudMe appoints new CEO and management team, and receives 1 million SEK in funding.
  • 2020CloudBackend receives 7 million SEK in funding.
  • 2019XIOS/3 receives 3.2 million SEK in funding from angel investors. Peter Sandehed former CFO SAAB and Mats Hultin, CIO for Ericsson joins the advisory board. XIOS/3 is awarded the Top 100 Europe award from Red Herring.
  • 2018CloudBackend become its own company and receives 8 million SEK in funding from Almi Invest, Xcerion and angel investors. Bo Hedfors, former President of Motorola Networks, former CEO of Ericsson USA and CTO Ericsson Group joins the advisory board.
  • 2018XIOS/3 is established as its own company and acquires the right to the technology.
  • 2017CloudMe receives 10 million SEK funding to commercialize CloudBackend. Jean Paoli, former President Microsoft Open Source and co-author XML standard joins as an investor.
  • 2017Development of CloudBackend is initiated within CloudMe.
  • 2016XIOS/3 founders get together to build a company of the technology. Martin Nilsson joins as CTO, one of the architects of the Opera Mini web browser.
  • 2015CloudMe receives 4.2 million SEK funding from Almi Invest, Xcerion, and select angel investors.
  • 2015Apple acquires additional undisclosed IP from Xcerion
  • 2014CloudMe receives 5 million SEK funding from Almi Invest, Xcerion, and select angel investors.
  • 2013CloudMe receives 7 million SEK funding from Almi Invest, Xcerion, and select angel investors.
  • 2013Western Digital acquires MyCloud and enters into cooperation with CloudMe
  • 2012Xcerion restructures into a holding company to commercialize its technologies like CloudMe.
  • 2011Xcerion launches the European storage consumer service of CloudMe.com, the CloudTop service is launched as an early alpha.
  • 2011Apple acquires iCloud from Xcerion
  • 2010Xcerion receives an additional 3.3 MUSD investment from existing shareholders.
  • 2010Launches the iCloud Ready program and the Hybrid Cloud Computing platform.
  • 2009iCloud wins the Red Herring Global 100 Award in San Diego.
  • 2008Xcerion rebrands its consumer service to icloud and wins the 2008 Frost & Sullivan European Award for Product Innovation in Cloud Computing.
  • 2007Northzone Ventures invests 10 MUSD.
  • 2006Investments from notable US angel investors from Seattle. Lou Perazzoli, one of the original Microsoft Windows base team architects joins the advisory board.
  • 2004US Operations launched with an office in Seattle. R&D - The Internet OS (iOS).
  • 2003Proof-of-concept prototype created out of R&D of a SOA front-end.
  • 2002"Stealth Mode", R&D evolving previous research - The Client Application Server.
  • 2001Xcerion emerged with clear focus on intelligently managing Information.
  • 1998Daniel Arthursson developed the worlds first XML Application Server in C++.